Lilyth, the last Rhai-Angof.


The Rhai-Angof were creatures descended from the coldness of the world’s demise. Secret in their ways, they were the only beings who could commune with the Vildarii.
They were the Duwaiu’s only enemy, for with their hand a Duwaiu was made, but as a price, he would bow to the most chilling fate.
As such, the hostility between Rhai-Angof and Duwaiu was a blight with no reprieve, and it would cause a rift that would pull the world apart.
It seemed a strange thing that William, the notorious Warlord of the Illun and leader of the twenty-seven Duwaiu, happened upon a stray Rhai-Angof one day; a woman by the name of Lilyth, who thought herself to be only human and knew nothing of the ominous world to which she belonged. William took her under his wing and shaped her into a powerful ally.

Or so he thought.

-The symbol of Lilyth is the four eared owl.-16179809_1900087680210986_2037097276076309786_o.jpg


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